How do I change the price or dates/visits of my booking?

Changing Dates and/or Visits as a cat owner:

If your booking has not yet been confirmed:

You can easily change the dates and visiting requirements by clicking on the "EDIT BOOKING" link in your current booking. When making changes the price will automatically be updated for you.

If your booking is already confirmed:

If you have already BOOKED your cat sitter and need to change the dates, please cancel your booking and book the cat sitter again with the correct dates.

If you are only wanting to change the number of visits per day, you can leave the booking as is and ask the cat sitter to change the price to reflect your needs. Just make sure your requirements are mentioned in the chat section of your booking so that there are no misunderstandings. Also remember to confirm the changes your cat sitter made on your behalf, so the booking can continue.

Changing Price:

The price will automatically update depending on the number of visits per day required.

Only available cat sitters can edit the price up to two days before the booking starts. Owners will be alerted if and when the booking price changes and be asked to confirm before the payment gets transferred.

Important: Booking and paying on Cat in a Flat is required, per our Terms & Conditions. Never pay by cash —this makes your booking ineligible for our Cat in a Flat Guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

If you are a cat sitter, please read here.

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