Cancellation Policy

As a Cat Owner, you can change or cancel an existing reservation from your inbox.

The cancellation fee depends on how much notice you give.

  • If you give your "Booked" cat sitter more than 16 days notice, there will be no cancellation fee

  • If you cancel 15 to 8 days before your booking starts you will be fully refunded (excluding the Cat in a Flat fixed $4.90 booking fee)

  • If you cancel 7 days or less before the booking starts, the cat sitter will receive a 30% cancellation fee (there is a minimum of $14.90).

  • If you cancel during a booking there will be no refund. 

To cancel a booking please click on the "Cancel" link in your booking.

If the payment has already been taken for your booking please contact our support team

If you have accidentally clicked "cancel", no worries, you can still "un-canceland confirm your booking again. If you have been charged a cancellation fee, this will automatically be deducted from the total of your booking when payment is taken.

Sometimes there can be an extenuating circumstance where the cat sitter will want to waiver their cancellation fee, for example when a pet owner has to cancel due to a death in the family, the death of the pet, or an unprecedented circumstance such as COVID-19. If the cat sitter has agreed to grant a full refund (excluding Cat in a Flat fees), please contact customer support and include a screenshot of their message confirming this, or ask the cat sitter to contact customer support directly for confirmation.

If you are a cat sitter, please read about booking cancellations here.

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