My payment is late. Why have I not been paid?

We are sorry to hear that you think your payment is late. This could be due to a number of reasons.


1. Your booking was not confirmed correctly

Please have a look at your booking to see the status.

  • If it’s still in "Request" or "Available", this means that your booking was not confirmed. Please ask the cat owner to confirm your booking as soon as possible

  • If it’s in "Pending’, this means that your booking details have been edited and that either you or the cat owner need to confirm that you’re happy with the change in order for the payment to be taken

  • If your booking is still showing as "Booked’ instead of "Paid’ after the start date then please contact us

2. Payment may still be on it’s way

Payment for your booking will leave the cat owner's account the day before your booking starts. It will then take 5 - 7 business days to automatically transfer to your bank account.


If your booking started on the weekend or over a bank holiday this can sometimes take a little longer. 

3. Stripe may be holding your payment

If your account has not yet been verified correctly with Stripe, they may be withholding your payment until they hear back from you. 

Please check your emails for any correspondence from them or login to your Stripe account to see what they need. To login to your Stripe account please go to your Settings and click on "Edit Account"

If you think you have been paid less than expected, please read here

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