How do I promote myself as a cat sitter?

There are many ways to promote yourself as a cat sitter. Each contributes in a different way, but combined might be the secret recipe to become a successful, well loved cat sitter in your neighborhood. 

Listed below are some pointers on how to spread the word and promote your belly-rubbing, cat sitting service:

1. Your Profile Page                                                                                            

Your beautifully designed profile page was created so that you can treat it like your very own personal web page. Think of it as your digital business card!

Please remember your description in your profile is the first thing cat owners will see, so it’s important that it reflects your reliability and the type of service you offer in addition to who you are.

In your own words, have you:

1. Clearly listed the cat sitting service you offer?

e.g.  "As your cat sitter I will:

  • Arrange a free Meet & Greet to get to know you and your cat
  • Provide fresh food and water for your cat daily
  • Clean the cat bowls and litter boxes
  • Enjoy plenty of play time and cuddles
  • Send daily photos and updates"

2. Added the areas you would be happy to cat sit in?

e.g. "I'd be happy to cat sit in Dorcester and Fenway-Kenmore"

2. Promote your lovely profile online

Once you’re happy with your profile, it’s time to proudly share your cat sitting service with the world.

Use some of our lovely assets to create an Instagram post to share with your followers. And don't forget to add your unique URL link into your Bio.

If you have a blog, write about yourself as a cat sitter and share your unique URL link in your description. This helps your visibility outside of Cat in a Flat and offers more ways for owners to get to know you as their next cat sitter.

Regular tweets on Twitter or Facebook work wonders. E.g: "I'm now a #catsitter with @catinaflat. If you need someone to look after your kitty in (add area) contact me (add your unique URL link)

If you go to or or any other community platforms and search for “cat sitter”, you might be surprised at how many people are looking for your service. Take the opportunity to reply to them including your unique URL link

Happy Cat Sitting!

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