What is a Meet & Greet? What do I need to do?

A Meet & Greet is an essential start to a booking with a new client. It's a great way to get to know the owner and their kitty and to see if you are a purrfect match.

Meet & Greets are a free service offered to new customers. They usually take place at the cat owner's home so that you can meet their fur baby and be shown what to do.

Important: Please arrange your Meet & Greet at least 2-3 days before your booking is due to start, do not leave it until the last minute.


What to discuss during your Meet & Greet


Great communication is key to a successful booking. This is your opportunity to ask the cat owner questions and make sure you get clear instructions. This will help avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings during your booking.


You can download our useful Meet & Greet template here.


Questions to ask about your new kitty client:


  • What is the cat's feeding times and routine? Is it strict or flexible?

  • Food and water bowls should be cleaned daily. Do they also have a water fountain that needs filling up?

  • Is the cat outdoor or indoor? What is their daily routine?

  • Does your cat use a litter box? There are many different types of cat litter so please make sure you receive clear instructions on how/when to clean it and how to dispose of the daily poop and pee clumps. Do not assume you know what to do as every owner's expectations are different.

  • Is the cat shy, nervous or friendly? Does s/he have a favorite hiding spot? If so, where?

  • Is the cat on a strict diet or are treats allowed?

  • Does the kitty like to play? Where are the toys kept?

  • Does the cat need medication? Please ask for clear written instructions, even if you have had previous experience. 



Questions to ask about the booking:


  • Ask what times the cat owner would like you to do the visits. Make sure this suits your daily routine and let the owner know if not. 

  • Let the owner know how long you plan each visit to be

  • Are you staying overnight? From what time to what time can they expect you to be at their home?

  • Is there a wifi password you can use?

  • Do they have a CCTV camera?

  • Where are their cleaning products and trash bags kept?

  • Does the trash need to go out?

  • Would they like regular daily updates/photos?

  • Do they need plants watered, mail checked and lights turned on? Within reason most sitters will do these tasks for free.

  • When would they like the keys returned? Due to unforeseen circumstances, we would suggest the key is only returned once they are home. It’s best not to pop it through the mail box in case you need to do an extra feed due to a travel delay for example.



Important: Please confirm your booking through Cat in a Flat as per our Terms & Conditions. Never pay by cash —this makes your booking ineligible for our Cat in a Flat Guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

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