Tips for setting a competitive rate / price as a cat sitter

As a cat sitter you have the freedom to set your own rates and availability.

The default prices set by Cat in a Flat are a suggested starting point, but please feel free to select your own by logging in and going to your profile page.

Stay Competitive

When you're getting started and you don’t have any reviews yet, it’s smart to set a friendly and competitive price. We would advise having a look to see what other cat sitters are charging in your area. Simply do a quick search using your ZIP code.

Take note that cat sitters with more reviews and repeat bookings often price themselves higher, so take that into consideration as you set your own rates.

Experience and special skills

As your cat sitting experience grows, make sure your rates grow with it. If you’re a cat sitter with more reviews and repeat bookings adjust your rates to match.

If you have any extra skills and experience, such as veterinarian experience, veterinary assistant experience, feline therapy etc., you could also consider charging a little extra.

Additional fees

Remember you have the ability to edit your rates whenever you wish. You can also choose to:

  • Add Cat in a Flat’s peak fees during the busy seasons. 

  • Add extra "one-off" fees for individual bookings. This could be for travel expenses or if the owner asks you to stay a little longer etc.  See how to edit the price here.

When setting your prices, please keep in mind the Cat in a Flat fee of 19 %, eg. if you want to make $12 you need to charge $15

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