What if the cat gets ill or injured in my care?

Before the cat owner leaves for their trip, please make sure you have the following details:

  • Their vets details, you can find a "Vet Release form" in our "Forms & Tips" section
  • Ask them to let their vet know they'll be away and that their cat is in your care
  • Details of who to contact in case of emergency (friend or neighbor)
  • You must be booked and paid through Cat in a Flat for the Cat in a Flat Guarantee to be valid

In the unlikely event of an emergency please contact the cat owner, their emergency contact and Cat in a Flat immediately.

If you can't get hold of the owner, then please take the cat to the nearest vet. Alert the vet that you are looking after someone else's cat and you are booked through Cat in a Flat. Most vets will accept seeing your booking confirmation online as proof, if they have any further questions please ask them to contact Cat in a Flat under claims@catinaflat.com

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